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Easter Eggs

Did you know that the developers of Google and other famous Website made a few funny eastereggs, wich you can test by our own.

If you search the follow words in google, google will automaticely execute some cool eastereggs:
1. tilt
2. do a barrel roll
3. zerg rush (the coolest easteregg in google)
4. Bletchley Park
5. Recursion
6. Conways Game of Life
7. Festivus
8. 30th-anniversary-of-pac-man (click the first result)
9. blink html
10. webdriver torso

Google Images:
There are also cool stuff in google images:
1.Atari Breakout

Google Maps:
You will find under the follow coordinates in GoogleMaps funny things like the Mozilla Firefox Logo or other things:
1. Mozilla Firefox Logo: 45° 725.87"N 123° 648.97"W
3. Triangle: 33°4459.64"N 112°3736.99"W
5. Pattern (Circles): 48°2112.81"N 11°440.90"E
7. Fingerprint: 50°5039.33"N 0°1019.18"W
8. Points (Circle):27°2253.75"N 33°380.61"E
9. Labyrinth: 40°2751.58"N 93°245.18"E

You Tube:
When you type into the searchbar the whole Site will make special moves:
1. do the harlem shake
2. beam me up scotty
3. use the force, Luke
4. Pressing the down left up arrow while watching a video
5. Add to a video url "&wadsworth=1"