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Fallen Culture

Fallen Culture is an amazing open world, action-adventure and first-person shooter video game that is developed and published by KastGames.

Fallen Culture is set on a Polynesian tropical island called Maiao. The citizens are dissatisfied with the pressure and legislation that are imposed to them by the French. Also, the French representatives are assumed to be corrupt. Resistance against the establishment rises and the French influence is threatened by guerillias who control half of all the islands. Due to its central position Maioa is the key to winning this civil war. The government does everything it can do to keep the island of Maioa under control.

Fallen Culture is based on a first-person, open-world concept. This means that the title offers an extensive, freely accessible game world, in which the player has great freedom of action. There are special features, such as hunting animals, mini games and the opportunity to develop your own character step by step or equiping the players with new skills.